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Oslo Forum 2017 - Annual Mediators’ Retreat 

Co-hosted by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue, the Oslo Forum is a unique opportunity for senior conflict mediators, high-level decision makers and other

major actors in peace processes to share their experiences, identify challenges and reflect on their own and others’ practice in a discreet setting and informal atmosphere. Invitations are currently being

extended to key national, regional and United Nations envoys charged with negotiating peace. Participation is by-invitation-only.

Invitees are encouraged to log in to register and see further information about this retreat.

The username & password have been sent in the invitation - please note that both are case sensitive and that they may contain special characters. The preferred method is to COPY and PASTE the username and password to avoid spelling errors.

Oslo Forum documents will be published on this website for a wider audience after the retreat.


Report - Oslo Forum 2015
The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) is pleased to present the 2015 Oslo Forum Report.