The Oslo Forum series aims to facilitate a frank and open exchange of insights by those working at the highest level to bring warring parties together to find negotiated solutions. Oslo Forum retreats are carved around a topical and challenging agenda, which relates concretely to the concerns mediators of armed conflict face on a daily basis. As practitioners are reluctant to publicly discuss and reflect their experiences given the politically sensitive nature of their work, all Oslo Forum retreats are subject to Chatham House Rule and take place in a uniquely informal ambiance.


Annual global retreat

The annual global gathering of conflict mediation practitioners in Oslo is the centre piece of the Oslo Forum series. Each year in June, this global retreat convenes senior conflict mediators, high-level decision makers and other major actors in peace processes. The annual global retreat offers an opportunity to draw on comparative and innovative approaches across regions and institutions for a comprehensive overview of mediation experiences, challenges and opportunities.

Regional retreats

Participants at the Oslo Forum 2004 suggested an interest in looking at conflict mediation from a regional perspective. From this was born the concept of regional mediators' retreats that would enable mediators and other senior peace process actors to assess the prospects and pitfalls for conflict resolution in the context of their particular region. Like the global retreats, the regional retreats are organised by the Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) with the support of the Royal Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, but draw on strong regional partners; such as the Institute for Southeast Asian Studies (ISEAS) in Singapore, the Mwalimu Nyerere Foundation in Tanzania and the China Institute of International Studies (CIIS) in China.


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Oslo Forum 2004
10-11 June 2004, Oslo

Conflict mediation: building international capacity

The Oslo forum 2004 focused on gaps in knowledge, capacity and commitment in the international community's response to armed conflict. Are policies well informed or are they shaped by assumptions and prejudice? Is the international community committed enough - both politically as well as financially - to critically monitor and adapt our strategies until a conflict is truly resolved? How best to engage with conflict parties, including armed groups? How to monitor and verify progress? What risks and opportunities does an emerging international criminal jurisdiction hold for conflict mediation? Some 20 participants debated these questions looking at practical ways in which existing gaps could be addressed.

Oslo Forum 2003
18-19 June 2003, Oslo

Sharing experiences on issues and approaches

The very first of what has become a successful series of annual events, the Oslo forum 2003 explored the key challenges mediators face and how to generate and uphold the momentum for mediation and peacemaking.



2nd Oslo Forum Peacewriter Prize

The Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) is launching the second edition of the Oslo Forum Peacewriter Prize, an essay competition seeking bold and innovative responses to today’s peacemaking challenges.